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Our Mission

The TTT-Theatre is a modern theatre with roots in the workers theatre tradition. We cherich and renew Finnish theatre and produce high quality performances. We want to take care of our audiences and actively search for new theatre goers. We boldly make diverse selections of repertoire, carry out a dialog with our audience and offer a place where to be moved, enjoy oneself and exchange ideas with others. In the core of all our actions is the aim to  produce experiences through theatre.

Our values

Courage – TTT dares
Near – TTT is close
Inspiration – TTT inspires
Awake – TTT watches and listens to the same world as its audiences
Enviroment – TTT is enviromentally conscious
Possibilty – TTT gives the opportunity to became aware, to succeed and to develop


  • One of the national stages of Finland
  • One of the biggest theatres in Finland, the only professional workers’ theatre in our country – founden in 1901
  • The permanent staff totals about 120. With temporary employees included, the theatre employs nearly 300 persons annually. 
  • Four stages: Main Stage, Eino Salmelanen Stage, Cellar Theatre and the theatre restaurant TTT Klubi
  • About 12 premiers a season
  • approximately 150 000 spectators in a season
  • General Manager is Otso Kautto

Four stages 

The TTT-Theatre has been operating on the same site alongside Hämeenpuisto Park since 1905.
Today the TTT-Theatre shows plays on four different stages. 

The Main Stage – Suuri näyttämö

The new theatre with the Main Stage was built in 1985. With over 800 seats serves large audiences. The repertoire presents Finnish plays, classics of the world literature and a great variety of music theatre.On the music scene, musicals like the My Fair Lady, the operetta Victoria und Ihr Husar, the musicals Suruttomat, Marilyn, Vuonna 85 and Prinsessa have attracted thousands of theatre-goers. It also is the stage for popular,contemporary finnish drama.

Eino Salmelainen Stage – Eino Salmelaisen näyttämö

The former main stage, named after a long time theatre leader seats approximately 400 people. It is the oldest stage and it was built in 1905.

The repertoire consists mainly of comedy, stand up and finnish drama. 

The Cellar Theatre – Kellariteatteri

The Cellar Theatre is an intimate stage where the 160 spectators are very close to the stage. It is the place for selective theatre-lovers and daredevils. Many finnish plays have had their first public performances there. 

The renovated Cellar Theatre was opened to public fall 2006. The stage and also foyer were complitely renovated.

The TTT Club – TTT-Klubi

In our theatre restaurant TTT Club you can watch quality theatre and entertainment in a club atmosphere. High quality theatre technique and revolving stage offer a place to make a large variety of perfomances. The TTT-Club seats about 240 spectators.

The reportoire consists of music theatre, live bands, stand up and comedy.

10 Premieres in A Season

The TTT-Theatre stages on average 20 premieres per year. The season opens in mid August and closes at the end of May. 


The artistic personnel of the TTT-Theatre consist of the theatre director, stage directors, dramatist, costume designers, scene decorators and forty actors. Also, the theatre employs guest artist on regular basis.

A career in the TTT Theatre is a desired one for finnish actors and actresses. We employ only the best. We now have 35 permanent actors and actresses and in addition quest actors and actresses are hired annually. Get to know our stars here.

The permanent staff totals about 130. With temporary employees included, the theatre employs nearly 300 persons


The TTT-Theatre has been a limited liability company since 1941. The main responsibility for artistic management lies with the theatre director.